why marfa?

The stark beauty of the landscape, the biggest sky and brightest stars you’ve ever seen, the unhurried pace of life, the good food, the good tunes, the outdoor showers at El Cosmico, and the crushed ice at Stripes -- these are all the reasons we love this strange little West Texas town.
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Marfa is in the Chihuahuan Desert so visitors should expect a desert climate – very dry air, warm and sunny during the day, and cool at night. Thanks to Marfa’s elevation of nearly 5,000 feet, summer temperatures are typically milder than those in Austin. In mid-August, the average high temperature is in the mid-80s, and the average low is about 60 degrees.

We recommend as little clothing as possible during the day, layers at night, and lots of sunscreen. Those who pride themselves on preparedness may want to pack a rain jacket, too. We’re hoping for clear blue skies, but Marfa gets over half of its annual average of 15 inches of rain between July and September, so a summer thunderstorm isn’t out of the question.


Things To Do/Eat/Drink In Marfa

Note that a lot of these places (especially the restaurants) keep extremely unpredictable hours and are often only open on the weekends.


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